March 30, 2011

this month flew by.

I can't believe it's already the end of March which means April is just around the corner and around the corner from that is May and May is going to be a big month because you know that's when I get married and all.  (go me!)  But I have so many little things to finalize before the big day that I kind of just want to put it off a little bit longer. 

Anyways, last weekend we celebrated LT and his coming unto this earth via a baby shower for Mayra and Geof Mexican style.  Alli and I made these:

Which I happily ate along with the quesadillas, mexican pizza like things and chips and yummy salsa.  We also played games and my future husband made this lovely onesie and thought it was funny (though I don't thing Mayra shared his humor):

I apologize for the poor picture quality ... I forgot to bring my camera (! - I know what was I thinking?!?) so I had to use the camera phone.

Anyways I had fabulous time hanging out with these lovely ladies and I'll be seeing them again on Saturday for Alli's baby shower.  Fun!

I've been swamped at work and annual reviews are coming up this week so hopefully things go well.  I also finally finished my blanket.  I decided to make it for Chris so I trimmed it in gray instead of pink.  What do you think?

Good night,


Lynette said...

Mayra got a haircut! How cute!

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