March 5, 2011

Trolls and such


a couple of things.

- The Trylle series by Amanda Hocking.  It's slightly addicting and in parts resembles Twilight except it has absolutely nothing to do with vampires.  It has to do with ... I'm embarrassed to say it ... trolls EXCEPT (listen out before you judge!) they're not your average live under the bridge, diamond in the belly kind of trolls.  They look just like you and me and get this - they're also very magical and they have super powers.  Ha!  AND the story has a love triangle because you know, that's what makes a book worth reading.

- I ate my weight in chocolate tonight and now I feel sick.  My mom's friend dropped off a box of See's Candies and I couldn't resist cutting into every single dark chocolate piece.  I remember boxed chocolates coming with a directory of who's who but apparently these guys wanted to remain anonymous.  Ugh what is up with that?  It's quite tiring cutting every single treat in half especially the hard nougat ones - I seriously almost took the tip of my finger off.

All righty.  Off to watch an episode of Fringe before hitting the sack.  Good night and wish me luck at bingo tomorrow.


Lynette said...

depends on the brand. i don't like not knowing either.

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