April 25, 2011

Dear weekend,

I always have such high hopes for you, I really do.  Long lists of things I should and need to do.  Important things like clean out the garage to look for the Wii and not so important things like, plan the wedding (which is about a month away mind you.)  But instead, I spend Saturday feeling poopy and wondering what I'm doing with my life and then after all that brooding and moping, decide that I only have enough energy to take a nap. Then I spend the rest of the evening eating pizza, drinking wine and watching Gone with the Wind .... I love that Scarlett O'Hara, she's such a fireball.  I wish I was more like her. 

Sunday was even less productive unless you count sleeping in until 11 and eating a strawberry topped Belgian waffle at IHOP a feat.  I could've eaten two but decided to show some self restraint given my dress fitting was scheduled for the afternoon.

And tomorrow is already Monday and I have a long long week ahead of me.  There are lots of changes going on at work.  Last Thursday my VP announced that he's leaving the company so roles will be shuffling (including mine) which means lots of unwanted change and adjusting on my part.

I am however looking forward to my bridal shower this coming Saturday.  A whole party just for me.  Planned by my lovely sister and bridesmaids.  Very exciting.  AND Chris' parents are coming into town on Tuesday - they're staying at the Viceroy in Santa Monica.  I can't wait to see the hotel.  I've never been before but I heard it's exquisite.


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