July 1, 2011

it's friday!!

Accomplishments this week:

Made a bag - A special bag with different colored handles might I add.  In my mind I was envisioning patterned handles on the exterior and pink underneath but obviously I didn't think this through.  

Ate a lot of cookies - Single handedly finished an entire box of petite palmiers.  

Found an apartment to move into.  Enough said.  I'm so excited.  Now I just need to tell my parents.  I hope my mom doesn't take it too hard.  Every time I mention moving out she always says things like this, "But you get to live here rent free and someone does your dishes and laundry and makes your bed everyday and packs your lunches for you ...  but I guess if that's not what you want, then okay."  It's pretty funny.  Awhile back Ivy was thinking about moving out and as soon as my mom found out, she called me and said, "Can you believe Ivy is moving???  Can you believe it?!?!"  She was very alarmed and maybe took it a little too personally.  Oh well.  I am 30 (almost 31 so sad) and married and well I think that's enough reasons.  It's time to leave the nest.

Anyhow, it's Friday!  We have a wedding to go on Saturday and a Family BBQ day on Sunday.  That means the rest of the weekend I can sew! 

   Happy July 4th :)


grace said...

where's your new pad?

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