July 20, 2011


I feel like this guy.

So I've had this rash for over a month now.  It started as blisters on my palms and then spread to my fingers then the dermatologist gave me a topical ointment which made the blisters dry out and now my hands are cracked and peeling.  It's not attractive.

Last week my fingertip on my ring finger came off.  As in the whole piece of skin on the tip of my finger just came off.  Now bits of my palm have joined the club and if I don't apply lotion my hands look like a cracked desert floor.  Lovely. 

This weekend we move!  Work has been hectic so we haven't had much time to pack so I guess we'll have to do it Friday night before the movers come Saturday morning.  I still need a dining room table and a dresser.  Our new place is tiny so I'm not sure how much space we're going to have for furniture.  I'm just hoping our couch fits.  If not, I guess I'll have to buy a new one :)  And some matching chairs.  I'm thinking something like these.  I like the beige. 


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