July 26, 2011

we. are. here.

We've made it the west side.  Without internet, a dining table, or a dresser but we're here, in one piece ... well actually a lot of tiny little pieces because my hands are peeling all over the place.  That's a pretty thought huh.  There are boxes everywhere and dust even more everywhere and I keep sneezing because most of everything has been sitting in storage for 2 years.  Which by the way, every box I open is like Christmas all over again.  You never know what's gonna be inside.  More clothes?  Shoes perhaps???!?  No.  It's a water humidifier.  Chris pulled out a pair of wedge sandals this weekend and a smile instantly appeared on my face.... "Well what do you have there???  I didn't even know I owned of pair of sandals like these!"  So much fun.    

Ivy came to visit yesterday and hung up more clothes than I did all day Sunday.  It's nearly impossible to hang stuff on felt hangers with defunct hands in rubber cleaning gloves.  Yes that's how raw and sensitive my hands were.  But they're healing and feeling much better today.  I can actually type with my left hand without cringing.  Yay!  Progress!  It can only get better.  Unless of course it gets worse.

Our first home cooked meal at our new place:  Quesadillas - with the awesome wok Cindy got us.  Yes woks are perfect for making quesadillas because they create this perfect little concave cubby to keep the cheese in place.

Looking forward to the weekend so I can spend my hard earned money on some new furniture, rugs, curtains and maybe a new dress?



ayopic said...

Congrats on the move!! xoxo

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