August 9, 2011

birthday weekend

This weekend was filled with cheescake, seafood and lots and lots of birthdays.  We celebrated four birthdays.  That's right, count them: four.

Ivy and my mom share the same birthday and so every year we do a double birthday celebration which in my mind has always seemed a bit unfair to have to share your birthday every year for your entire life with your mother because your mother is your mother and so you generally yield your choice of where you want to celebrate to her, but then again, your mother is your mother so you also generally tend to have the same taste in food and thus preference in restaurants so I guess it all works out.   

This year they chose Cheesecake Factory so we headed off to get our cheesecake on.  For dessert we tried 3 different kinds:  the Original with Strawberry (of course), the Reese's Peanut Butter Chocolate Mousse, and the Lemon Raspberry.  All very tasty but I think the original with the graham cracker crust was the best.

On Sunday Chris was being boring working on his startup and all so I went back inland to meet my family for lunch at Soup Plantation but it turned out that SP was too crowded so we decided to go to Red Lobster instead!  So much better than SP.  I feasted on this:

And cheddar bay biscuits, but of course I ate them all before I had a chance to take any pictures.  (I had a leftover biscuit for dinner last night and another one for breakfast this morning.  That's how good they are.)

After lunch we went home to celebrate the birthday of these two turkeys:

All in all a good weekend if I don't say so myself.  I also picked up a dining room table and finished unpacking the last two boxes so our place is pretty much all done.  Except the walls are blank and I still need to make accent pillows for the couch and the bedroom and I need placemats and a living room rug and curtains but the basics are there I guess.  Lots of work ahead.  Anyhow, hope you had a lovely weekend.  Next week we're off to New Hampshire!  Looking forward to spending time with the Gaudet's (I guess I'm officially one of them now) and relaxing at the lake of course.  


Lynette said...

love the pic of you and ivy. so pretty.

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