August 1, 2011

gone with the wind.

Last week I finally finished the last 45 minutes of this movie and I have to say that that was pretty much the most depressing ending ever.  I mean, first Scarlett breaks Rhett's heart, and then he pushes her down the stairs, and then her unborn baby dies, and then Bonnie dies (AND Rhett shoots the pony) and then, as if that weren't enough, MELANIE dies (and technically speaking, Rhett kinda sorta killed her) and then Ashley tells Scarlett he never loved her and then Rhett leaves her (for forever?).  Who knows but all I have to say is, Man, that's a lot of stuff goin' on in just under 45 minutes. 

I literally sat in bed - in shock - for at least 5 minutes after the movie ended.  And then I cried hysterically for 20 minutes.

AND I just downloaded the book so I can relive the misery all over again.


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an amazing movie... that i need to see again.

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