August 31, 2011


A few weeks ago we flew out to New Hampshire to spend some time with Chris' family.   There happens to be two things I love about New England....the weather and - just kidding.  (It did rain half the time we were there though.) 

1) The air:  So clean and crisp that when you fly in you can actually see the horizon (no smog folks!) and nights so clear you can see every single star in the sky.  I'm not kidding.   

2) The kettle corn:  So deliciously sweet and salty at the same time.  You know I wait an entire year for Grandpa's Kettle Korn.  It is simply the best kettle corn ever made and the little cart only comes to Wolfeboro's craft fair during the summer.  It's to die for.  Also, not kidding.

We also had to stop at Brown's for lobster but of course. 

Also must haves: onion rings, french fries, fried whole belly clams, coleslaw, corn on the cob and clam chowder. 

Chris had two lobsters.  I had him pull the legs and tail off the head for me.  I don't like that part so much.  Just the eating the meat and dipping it in butter part. 

We worked from home half the week so it didn't really feel like much of a vacation but it was still a nice getaway.  The weekend after we took this super luxury bus to NYC to visit Suzzy.  Wynnie and I hosted a bachelorette party for her.  The theme was penises.

I found this game where you pin these penis shaped objects:

(my favorite:  the snake)

To this handsome hunk:

Wynnie and I also made Suzzy a special cake.

We ran out of room and icing so that's why it says bachelor. 

After the party, we spent the rest of the weekend eating.  Suzzy took us to Five Points to try their churros and hot chocolate.  Delicious.

All in all, another great trip to NYC.  Thanks Suzz for hosting :)

This weekend we're headed to Napa for Suzzy and Terry's wedding.  Looking forward to a good weekend with the gals (and their new babies!). 

See you soon....


ayopic said...

I coulda sworn I checked your blog before leaving for Sonoma... Great post! Love the pics of NH, and of course the penis cake...

Lynette said...

where did you get that game? my roomie is getting married this year...

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