September 11, 2011

Another lazy weekend

On Friday night we decided to use one of the many random gift cards we received as wedding gifts.  P.F. Chang's here we come.  (Next week's date night is Outback and then Red Robin.)  Man, I totally forgot how good the food is there.  They had a 4 course dinner special for two: two soups, one appetizer, two entrees and two desserts -- all for $39.95.  A very good deal.  The Mongolian Beef was to die for... and so was the egg drop soup, surprisingly.  I think the last time I had egg drop soup was when I was 8 years old and my parents still owned a Chinese restaurant.  So so good.

On Saturday I decided to explore my new neighborhood.  I drove all around El Segundo and Manhattan Beach checking out all the strip malls and looking for a mirror to put over the fireplace and a chair (or chaise) for the living room.  Nothing.  Well nothing I could afford anyway.  But I did see a $900 chair at Crate and Barrel that I love and need and really really want. 

To cheer me up on not being able to buy the $900 chair, on Sunday Chris made me a sausage egg McMufffin with Havarti cheese.  It was delicious and yeah well pretty much made up for it.   

Then in the afternoon my parents came over with groceries, frozen dumplings, fruit and Mooncake.

I like the lotus flavor with double egg yolks.  Chris likes the red bean. 

After we ate the yummy little cakes, my parents cooked us dinner.  Yes I know.  We are spoiled.  I didn't ask them to!  They wanted to do it.  So I let them. 

After they left, I finally finished the pillow cover and grocery bag I've been meaning to make.

The bag's reversible.  I ended up using the same material from the pillow cover.   It worked out nicely I think. 

And now's it Sunday night.  Sigh.  A long hectic and exhausting week ahead of me.  Fun fun.  I think I'll have another piece of mooncake before I go to bed. 

Until next time ...


ayopic said...

Date night, strip mall window shopping, AND sewing time?? You have so much time and energy now that you don't have the commute! Cute grocery bag! If I ask now, can I have one for my birthday next year?? :)

Lynette said...

i like how you said Mcmuffin... instead of just muffin.

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