October 12, 2011

Alas. I've returned to the blogging world.

My absence these last few months was due to the fact that I have been experiencing horrible horrible nausea which was due to the huge surge of hormones in my body which was due to the little fetus baby growing in my ever enlarging uterus (which apparently gets pretty big during pregnancy).  

Sometime in mid-July we found out we were pregnant.  I think it sounds silly when you say "we" because really, it's just me that's pregnant.  Yes my husband impregnated me, but really I'm the one that's pregnant.  He's just along for the crazy ride.  But he has been a pretty good passenger so far I have to say.   

Anyways, I digress.  So yes.  I am pregnant.  We started calling the baby, "the blueberry" because of that ridiculous widget that tells you the size of the baby compared to fruits and vegetables which really isn't that accurate because fruits vary so much in size.  I mean the size of a peach from Costco is a whole lot bigger than a peach from Trader Joe's so I guess common sense is the key to the fruit widget.

Right now baby is the size of an avocado I think?  Not sure, I lost track of all the fruits and veggies.  I did think it was funny that one week it said baby was the size of a shrimp which is just kind of weird and not a pleasant picture so there's one point for the fruit veggie widget. 

Yesterday we went to our week 16 doctor's appointment and got our monthly dose of seeing baby via ultrasound which is the weirdest thing because the whole time you're pregnant you don't see anything or feel anything (except the nausea) and so it's kinda like nothing's really changed except that now you can't stand to eat certain things that you loved before, but once a month when the doctor slops the cold jelly onto your tummy and pushes the wand to your belly, you get to see a little tiny head and little tiny hands and a heartbeat.  It's amazing.

At yesterday's appointment, the doctor asked if we wanted to know the sex and we were like, uh yes please.  And she said well let's not get our hopes up because it is kind of early to tell but maybe we'll be able to see something and then she says, oh well lookee here, it's his pee pee.  And then she snapped a photo.

If you look closely, there's a little arrow pointing to his pee pee.  If you don't see anything, don't worry because I don't either.  Apparently that's a penis?  I dunno.  And then I asked her, "Are you sure it's a boy?" and she said, yes it's pretty obvious but we'll let Dr. A verify it in 3 weeks when you do the anatomy ultrasound.

So I'm pretty sure we're having a boy.  Chris was doing cartwheels in the room.  Typical.

I always thought it was a boy.  It just felt like a boy and so I thought I was prepared to have a boy but right when the doctor announced it, I had a mini panic attack and started thinking about all the things I know nothing about like trucks and football and ninjas (?) and then thought, man, I have to decorate the room in blue and green now.  But after it sank in awhile later, I thought, wow we're having a boy.  How nice is that.  A little boy.  I can do a little boy. 

The funniest thing is when I told my dad.  He said, "It's okay.  Next time, just try harder for a girl."  He cracks me up.  He's always said how he's so happy he had girls instead of boys. 

Chris thinks having a boy is payback for my dad because he's had to live his whole life in a house run by girls.  He always tells me, "I feel so sorry for your dad.  You guys are always yelling at him and he has no idea what he's done wrong."  Haha.

Anyways, I'm glad the first trimester is done with.  I'm glad the nausea is finally starting to wane and I'm glad that I can eat fruits and vegetables again.  For awhile there I was only eating meat and potatoes.  And then just potatoes.

Today my goal is to nurse this cold and fight my sore throat.  One of the only positives of getting sick is being able to take NyQuil at night.  I love how you get all tingly and warm and then... zonk.  But apparently when you're growing a little baby boy inside your belly, you can't take NyQuil or a million other drugs that make you feel better so I'm sticking to the basics: hot honey lemon water, orange juice, and lots of lots of rest.

Good night and talk to you soon ....


ayopic said...

Weeeeeee! I love what your dad said best. Next time you and Chris SHOULD try harder for a boy. :)

ayopic said...

I mean a GIRL. Whoops.

Mayra said...

A BOY!!!! Another BFF for Becks! Oh Ting, so exciting! You're gonna fall in love all over again!

mini said...

omg it's been a while .... CONGRATS Ting!!!! So exciting

and your dad is so funny!! boys are ok ... from personal experience you can still dress them while they can't protest haha ;)

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