October 24, 2011

random weekend stuff

On Sunday, we met my parents and Ivy and Obette for lunch at Olive Garden.  It's the first weekend that I felt normal.  No nausea, no queasiness, and finally over my cough.  I ate way too much.  And then as if we weren't stuffed enough, we had donuts at Krispy Kreme afterwards.   

Here's me and baby, week 18.  Can't tell if the bump is the babe or the donuts.

Hopefully it's the babe.  Apparently my uterus is the size of a cantaloupe and baby is the size of a sweet potato.  It's the cantaloupe thing that kinda freaks me out.  Not sure how a melon is fitting in there.  I've been trying to hold off on buying any new clothes and so I've been pretty much wearing my tights and stretchy pants to work every day.  Sexy.   Ooooh and last week baby started kicking.  It's the weirdest feeling.  As Allison, put it, you definitely have to learn to like it.  I'm still learning but it's growing on me.  Chris thinks it's awesome.  He falls asleep with his hand on my belly every night.  It's sweet.   

On another note, PetSmart was selling doggie costumes at 75% off so Ivy bought them out.

Poncho being funny.

There are a dozen or so more pictures but I'll let you see them on Ivy's blog when she decides to update it.

This week I head out to Chicago for the Parcel Forum - an entire trade show dedicated to shipping and logistics.  Goodness, my job is so exciting.  Not looking forward to flying but I'll only be gone for 2 days so it'll be fast trip.

Okay, time to take a shower and squeeze in an episode of Vampire Diaries before bed.



Mayra said...

Sewer, look at your bump!!! And that basketball outfit is hilarious!

ayopic said...


dude I looked away for a second and you churned out 3 posts! glad you're back in full force. :)

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