October 23, 2011

recent obsessions


He got it last week and hasn't put it down since.  The first night he spent an hour asking Siri questions like:

Siri, what is the meaning of life?
Siri, are you male or female?
Siri, do you love me? 
Siri, do you fart?

I'm thinking because it's a phone, it'll stay out of the infamous electronics drawer where all of his gadgets and gizmos go to die.  We'll see.

But I do have to admit, I like the camera on it.  It's nice not having to lug around my huge clunker everywhere I go.  We take a lot more photos and that means more posts, hopefully.  


My dad's been growing squash.  A lot of them.  And there's this one squash that's literally twice the size of her.  Every time she goes out back, she runs directly underneath it and just stares at it.  It's pretty funny.


Seriously. The best cookies ever. 
Sort of like an Oreo but so much better. 
And perfect with a glass of almond milk. 
I think I'll have that for dinner tonight.


ayopic said...

Dude, I could write a whole post on my Trader Joe's obsessions: dark chocolate covered caramels, frozen fruit frenzy bars, maple leaf cookies, and cinnamon-sugar pita chips... Yummmmmmm

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