November 3, 2011

it's official.

It's a boy. 

His nose looks big.  Takes after his father.  And his belly is round.  Takes after his mother.

I just can't get over how cute he is.  And according to Dr. Agnew he's coming along just fine.  Organs are a go, fingers and toes are a go, and he's growing right on track.  

He's been kicking and kicking too.  Especially during important meetings or when I'm talking to my VP.  He thinks he's being funny.  He was also kicking to Tupac last weekend.  Not sure what that's about.   

I can't believe it's already Thursday.  Looking forward to the weekend - I need to catch up on some sleep and some Vampire Diaries.  Thanks Ivy for getting me hooked.  I appreciate it.


Ivy said...

You're welcome :) its about to get really juicy. Also about the Tupac kicking... apparently he takes after chris in that too.

ayopic said...

LOL - he's gonna be a cutie!!

Mayra said...

that's like the most perfect ultrasound! Yay for Baby Christopher!

Mayra said...

oh and Vampire Diaries is soooo goood! I <3 Damon:)

Urbandoggs said...

Oh No you are NOT pregnant!!! GURL (head roll) LOL Congrats! I have been so busy I got behind in my reading and anyway I used to check all the time and you were AWOL. I'm so happy for you I called Carol. You look so cute.

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