December 29, 2011

I made these wonderfully dense and heavy bran oatmeal muffins last night and they taste as good as they sound -- sort of like dry unsweetened granola bars in muffin form.  BUT -- they have 7 grams of fiber!  Good for Chris' low fat diet and good for my low sugar diet.

It turns out my glucose levels are a little bit high (still within normal but just barely) so I've been a little paranoid about my sugar and carb intake and especially after reading about gestational diabetes and regular diabetes I've decided to remove all excess sweets from my diet including ... krispy kreme donuts (!), chocolate croissants, boba ice teas, hot chocolates, cookies and all other wonderful delicious things I've been craving these last few months.  I know, how am I gonna survive?  I've also stopped drinking juice and decreased my fruit servings to 1-2/day. 

I have to honest, I think its probably one of the hardest things I've ever had to do but it's better than getting diabetes so I'll make it through.

Anyways, wishing you lots of sweets and treats this week ... and think of me as you enjoy them.   


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