December 14, 2011

The tree.

We woke up bright and early Sunday morning to get our tree, thinking that we'd beat the noon time crowds but no such luck.  Apparently everyone and their mother had that idea.  The line at home depot was about 30 people long but by some stroke of good luck/magic/a sheer miracle perhaps? the lady at home depot that helped us pick the tree brought us to the nursery to pay and we avoided waiting 45+ minutes..... I couldn't believe it.  It was like the nicest thing that anyone could do and really a godsent because I had to pee real bad.  Anyhow, we crammed our short little fat tree into the prius and headed home.

Then I went to Target to buy more ornaments because last year's just weren't gonna cut it.  (Don't mention to hubby that I spent over $100 in decorations). 

And then while sipping on hot chocolate I decorated.
And decorated.
And decorated some more.

I was going to make popcorn garland but all we had was buttered and according to you should use plain unsalted otherwise it'll attract bugs and especially after the spider fell out of the tree when we shook off the dead pine needles at Home Depot I decided against it.   

The result:

Our tree in all its short chubby glory.  

AND as if cutting 45 minutes in line wasn't enough, our apartment complex decided to treat everyone to dinner via food truck!  Seriously, who has that kind of luck???  Grilled pork banh mi's and tofu tacos ... tasty. 

Good night my dears....


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