December 11, 2011

wah? december already?

man, where does the time go.  i can't believe it's already mid-december and i haven't posted anything.  i have a good explanation so read on. 

in the meantime let's take a sleigh ride down memory lane and see all that's happened (there's not that much so don't get too excited.)

in november i got sick again.  really sick.  so sick in fact that I had to miss the midnight premiere of breaking dawn (gasp! i know - who does such a thing.)  it just about broke my heart i tell you.  alli and i had planned this MONTHS ago.  she was a trooper though and fought the teenage crowds without me.  afterwards she told me the movie was "just okay" which is fine by me because that means my expectations will be low and when Chris finally decides to take me to see it i'll absolutely love it, i just know.  

later in november, my cold somehow got transferred to Chris (which never happens so that was just weird) and he was feeling pretty crappy.  it happened right during Thanksgiving break when we flew to new hampshire to visit his family so he spent most of the time either in bed or resting on the couch.  and of course everyone (including me and baby) avoided him like the plague.  poor guy. 

things that happened in new hampshire:
it snowed.
8 inches to be exact.
and it looked like this:

and then the power went out.
for 12 hours.   
I learned that night that toilets are hooked up to water pumps which run off electricity which means eventually the toilet will run out of water so to conserve you shouldn't flush unless absolutely necessary (yes, that means #2 only).
all i have to say is, thank god the Gaudet's have lots of toilets in the house.

on a less disgusting note, chris' mom decorated the house to the nines and of course everything was just lovely.
my favorite inanimate man made his annual appearance:

and we received our yearly gingerbread men and women. 

i didn't get a chance to take a picture of thanksgiving dinner because I was too busy eating it but here's the table before the feast:

all in all it was a great trip.

when we got back to los angeles the weather decided to get really weird.  we had really strong winds (like over 50+ mph) and it knocked down a power line and all of marina del rey was out of power.  this of course happened because i made a comment while in new hampshire about living out in the sticks and how electricity never goes out in LA because well power doesn't really go out in LA.  it was only out for an hour but we did have to cook dinner by candlelight.  it actually was kind of cozy in an inconvenient and slightly dangerous kind of way.

the power came back but our internet did not.  it took a week for them to send someone out to fix it.  which they did and then after they left it decided to break again.  so we waited another week for a tech to come.

folks - that means we went 2 weeks without internet.
no ipad connectivity.  no bakery story.  no netflix.  no tv.
we resorted to things like reading and playing cards and talking.
and at the end of those two weeks, we had nothing left to talk about.
literally.  nothing. left. to. say.
meals consisted of sitting at the table, staring at one another.
it was actually kind of disappointing because i always prided myself as one of those people that could prattle on about nothing but i guess in two weeks even i could exhaust my bank of meaningless conversations.

anyhow.  the internet is back and all is back to normal.  the one good thing about those last two weeks is that i realized how much more time there is in the day when you're not online.  but it's still nice to have. 

anyway, here's a photo of me and baby from last week.  week 24.  tomorrow begins week 25 so i'll put up another photo later.

tonight we decorate the tree.  photos to come....



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