December 27, 2011


We buffet-ed.
We bingo-ed.
And we ate a lot of grilled pastrami sandwiches.

And now we're back at home.  Why does Christmas have to be over already?  I had such a hard time leaving Vegas this morning and I kept asking Chris, "Can't we just stay one more day?  Pleeeeeeease??  I promise I won't ask for anything else ever again."

I had such a great weekend.  On Saturday Chris took me shopping all day and I went to H&M and checked out the entire 3 racks they had devoted to their maternity line.  Woohoo!  I tried on almost everything they had in my size.  Then we went to watch Mission Impossible 5 or 6 or whatever number they're on.  Chris thought it was awesome.  I thought it was entertaining but I already can't remember what happened in the movie.  Something about having to get nuclear rocket codes with some diamonds and fancy cars mixed in?

On Sunday the rest of the family got in and we had Christmas lunch at the best buffet in the entire world -- the M's Studio Buffet and it was delicious awesome beyond belief nothing more needs to be said.    

On Monday we checked out the Wicked Spoon buffet at the Cosmopolitan and I was a little  unimpressed.  Chris loved it but he was eating pork tacos and dim sum the whole time so I wouldn't really put much weight in his opinion.

The rest of the time we relaxed, played bingo, and had grilled pastrami sandwiches at the South Point almost every night for dinner. 

Pictures ....

shopping at town square

excited in line at wicked spoon

the fam at the venetian

Anyways, I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas holiday :)

Pepper and Poncho say Merry Christmas too (and please take off these ridiculous costumes).


Lynette said...

i should really go with you sometime. i've only been that one new years way back when.

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