January 13, 2012

2011. The highlights.

I know I'm late in posting this but I figure better late than never?

2011.  What a year it's been.  So many changes and so many things to look forward to in 2012 :)

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In January we flew to Mexico to check out our wedding venue to make sure it was just like the photos on the website.  It turns out it was even better.  We really couldn't have asked for a more perfect place.  Instead of showing you pictures of the resort I'm going to show you a picture of the fresh breads they made everyday because that seems so much more appealing to me right now than a picture of sand and water.

I'd kill for that petite palmier right now.  This low carb low sugar thing might be the end of me.  Anyways continuing on.  In January I also took these funny pictures of Poncho and Pepper. 

Then February came along and Chris had an emergency appendectomy where they cut three slits into his mid-region and removed a funny looking organ that kinda reminded me of a slug.

Also important in February - All you can eat lobster buffet for Valentine's Day at the Pacific Palms.  3 lobster tails later I was happy as a clam.  Note to husband: That was the last time you took me some place nice for dinner.

In March my Christopher turned 32 and all he wanted to do was go to Vegas.  It's amazing how buffet and bingo can help ease you into another year.  Also in March, my sister threw me an amazing bachelorette party, we picked out suits for the wedding and I had Camacho Nachos for the first time at an LA Kings game.  Man I am starving right now.  I think by the end of this post, it'll just be pictures of food.

In April not much happened because I spent most of it at work.  Everything got turned upside down when my VP left so it meant longer hours and more stress and pressure on me.  The plus side:  I didn't have much time to worry about the wedding.

And then in May I GOT MARRIED ... 

And it was perfect in every single way.  Except I drank too much and spent half of my honeymoon recovering.  But look at the cakes .... don't they look delicious? 

July was a big month for us.  I mean July's always been a big month because it's my birthday month and all, but this year it was especially important because it was when we found out we were pregnant.  Then we moved out of my parents' house and added an extra two and a half hours to our day.  We spent my birthday weekend in Vegas and really it was the perfect month except I got this horrible rash on my hands and it made all my skin peel off.  It was pretty gross.

In August and September I was really really nauseous and just tried to get through the day without wanting to gag, dry heave or vomit.  BUT we did manage to make a trip out east to visit Chris' family and Suzzy in NYC. Here's a photo of Chris eating lobsters. 

October was a good month.  The nausea was finally starting to wane, my appetite was picking back up AND we found out the little person growing in my belly has a penis.  Needless to say, Chris was elated. 

I spent most of November eating sweets.  I swear the baby was telling me to.  I had lots of cookies and brownies and chocolate croissants.  I also just felt like eating lots and lots of carby things like potatoes and breads and pastas so after spending 3 months in constant nausea, I ate myself into carb oblivion.

Then in December I took a glucose test and my doctor told me to take it easy on my carb and sugar intake.  Of course this was right before our big family trip to Vegas for Christmas where I went to all the buffets staring longingly at the dessert bar only to pick the sugar free ones (if there were any) or one treat instead of sampling 10.  I did cheat at the M though and had 3 desserts and a dinner roll (!).  I felt so guilty afterwards. 

On New Year's Eve, we got dressed up and rang in 2012 with Alli and Matt.  I also ate a mini ice cream sundae that night with hot fudge, nuts and 2 cherries.  I had a dream about that sundae the other night, it was that good. 

I think I'll have to mark down 2011 as pretty darn good.  I can't think of anything else I would have asked for.  The really great thing is that I have a feeling 2012 will be even better.  I can't wait to meet the newest addition to our family.  Just two more months to go ....



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