January 30, 2012

the weekend. and a few other random things.

highlight of the weekend: saturday morning starbucks run:
decaf soy latte, breakfast sandwich, and a bite of Chris' blueberry scone. 
yes my weekend was that exciting. 

on sunday i joined jenn and andy for brunch at baleen's without chris because well he's gone into study/startup hibernation mode yet again.  actually come to think of it, i don't think he's ever left.  anyways, i was going to get the dine la special but instead ordered the french toast with strawberries (!).  i know i know, lots and lots of sugar BUT i didn't have any syrup.  i swear it's the baby because i had every intention of getting the steak frites and calamari.  i really did.  

afterwards i ran errands.  i've noticed one thing about being pregnant.  everyone, and i mean everyone, is REALLY REALLY nice to you.  people open doors, give up seats... and they randomly smile at me all the time.  and women come up to me asking me if it's a boy or girl, how many months along, how do i feel... that sort of thing.  and then they always end with, 
"well, good luck!"  i'm not sure if they mean good luck with the baby or good luck with the delivery?  i always thought it was the delivery?  or maybe it's both.  it's making me nervous either way.  did i tell you i saw the c-section video at our labor and delivery class?  man oh man oh man.  that's all i have say.  
oh and let me tell you about these granola bars from trader joe's that i've been absolutely addicted to.  i have one everyday at 4 PM at work.  on weekends i have one at 9 pm with a glass of almond milk.  it's the closest thing i have to dessert these days though i did have half of chris' salted caramel fudge sunday at akasha's on monday night.  okay okay i ate more than half and then i asked chris if i could order another one for myself and he gave me this look like i was a horrible person asking to commit murder.  i know right?  it's just ice cream, sheesh. 

okay i'll end this post soon because i'm rambling.  
what's that?  you want a fat belly photo?  
well you're in luck because i just so happen to have one.
me (and baby c) at 32 weeks.

good night.  have a great week. 
and wish me luck on this horrible presentation i have to finish before thursday. 


Lynette said...

starbucks is such a treat. they did something right in their marketing.

cute belly.

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