February 24, 2012


And so it turns out my 24 hour pee pee test came back with more protein than normal so something's not right with my kidneys and because my blood pressure was slightly elevated my doctor put me on bedrest.  He's just being overly cautious I think because everything else is fine, I'm fine, baby's fine -- I just need to take it easy until baby gets here.  No problem --- EXCEPT I have a million projects left at work to do and I haven't even started my transition plan yet, I mean that's all.  And we're still 5 weeks out from the due date which means I thought I had at least another week or two to close up shop.  Anyways, I tried to hurry out of the doctor's office before he had a chance to tell me that I couldn't work or something drastic like that and because I didn't really clarify what bedrest actually entails, I decided to make my own definition:  that it's okay to work from home as long as I'm sitting on the couch with my feet up.  So that's what I've been up to this week.  

I set up camp in the living room and it's actually quite comfy.  

AND I've realized in the last few days that I'm actually more productive at home than I am at work.  Go figure.  There's not much to do and no Chris to bother so I pretty much just work. 

Anyways, the days are pretty boring so the highlight of the evening was the cheeseburgers and tots that Chris made when he got home.  They were mighty tasty. 

I inhaled the whole thing in record time and now I must pay for it because I can feel the acid reflux coming on.  The strange thing is, I'm also thinking about all the other things I could eat right now .... smart puffs, salt and vinegar pop chips, granola bar...a scoop of Haagen Daz espresso chip ice cream.. yum.  Okay off to watch the next episode of Downton Abby.  SO GOOD by the way.     


Ivy said...

Just think though... AFTER you have the baby you can eat anyyyything you want. :)

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