February 25, 2012


For some reason Saturday feels that much better when you don't have to go into the office on Monday don't you think?  It felt so good in fact that I even logged in a few hours of work today.  I'm having mild panic attacks that this baby is going to come sooner than I think and I won't have any of my transition plan done. 

Today, I discovered a gold mine.  There exists a place that serves no sugar added frozen yogurt.  Your typical run of the mill froyo places have fat free or dairy free choices but very few have sugar free and most sugar free froyo places use aspartame or other weird sugar substitutes which aren't good for the baby and for some reason just don't taste right to me.  Anyways, this gold mine I discovered today is called Menchie's and apparently it's been here for awhile, I just never knew about it.  Of course I figure this out after starving of sugar for 4 months.

Anyways, it was a glorious day.

And yes that is oreo cookie crumbles in my cup and no I haven't nothing else to say about it.   What I should have done is gotten the waffle cone that Chris got because they make it fresh when you order but no worries, I can try it tomorrow when I head back again. 

After Menchie's I came home and watched Breaking Dawn.  And now Chris is headed to Pho Show to pickup some takeout Chinese food.  Not sure what could have made this day any better....



Ivy said...

menchies was quite yummy! thanks for the fun day... i'm off to watch downton abbey now...

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