March 2, 2012

Bakery Story.

They say that playing music for your baby while still in the womb helps his brain development.

Well I'm proud to say that I've played music for baby since Day 1.

Every night I prop the iPad onto my belly and play the most mindless game ever - Bakery Story.  For at least an hour.  You can hear the theme song here.  The song's about 5 seconds long and repeats itself over and over and over and over again.

My only fear is that playing annoyingly repetitive songs has a negative side effect on his brain development.

Today I went to the doctor and on our way home I told Chris that I would like a doughnut.  I found out (after much diligent research) that a regular glazed doughnut is only about 10 grams of sugar (not sure how that's possible but I'm not going to argue with Krispy Kreme's website).  SO I figured I could probably eat half a glazed doughnut and be totally fine, I mean right?  Anyways, I tell Chris to please stop and get me a doughnut but all he does is laugh like I'm kidding (when I'm actually very serious).  Then he says, "You can't have a doughnut" and keeps driving -- past the doughnut shop and drops me off at home.  Horribly mean right?  Horrible.  AND the worst thing, whenever I pickup anything sweet and start nibbling on it, he  says to me, "Should you be eating that?"  It really is the most annoying thing ever.

Anyways, tonight we had sloppy joe's for dinner (Chris' idea).  I haven't had these since college.


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