May 23, 2012

Almost 3 months ....

I can't believe my little bubba is already 11 weeks.  We finally moved back to our place on the west side on Mother's day weekend and setup camp at the apartment.  We barely fit and I realized our bedroom is just way too bright (and way too loud) to nap in so he's been napping on the couch next to me while I watch Vampire Diaries, uh I mean while I perform important motherly duties.  We're only here for another month or so until we find a bigger place.  It should be interesting, moving into a new place with a newborn.  

He's been smiling too.  More and more each day.  Especially when he gets his diaper changed.  He thinks it's funny that someone has to wipe his bum. 

Don't you think he's looking more and more like me these days?  But he still has his daddy's hairline ... which we're a little worried about. 

I head back to work in two weeks so I'm just enjoying the time I have left with him.  We're in nanny search mode, no luck yet, but we have a few potentials that we'll be meeting in the next week.  Fingers crossed.



Cindy said...

He's so cute! Love his little brown socks!

ayopic said...

Still can't believe he has green eyes... And those blue/brown loafer shoe-socks look very handsome on the Lil Bugger! :) I just dug up H's old checkered Vans-style shoe socks. Will bring those next time I stop by.

Mayra said...

What a cutie!! Can't wait to see him again!

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