May 2, 2012

why hello there!

I'm alive!  Running on very little sleep but alive nonetheless!  Oh and Christopher says hello ... 

Quite photogenic he is.

And he says thank you to Henry for these cute pants with teddy bear feet :)  It was a bit chilly today and the booties kept my feet toasty warm. 

His head is getting bigger and bigger by the day.  His poor little body barely has a chance to catch up.  My parents nicknamed him, "da toa" which in Chinese means, "big head," and my dad sings him this song that roughly translated is:

Big head big head
It's raining outside
I have an umbrella
But you have your big head

We head back to the West side next week.  I'm not sure how I'll fare without my mom cooking all of my meals and doing all of our laundry.  Sigh.

Oh and Ivy sent me the funniest text today:
"I'm at this pho place picking up lunch ... and there is a liquor license on the wall for the owner.  Her name is Trammy Tran Ho.  What an unfortunate name huh?"

All right, off to pump breast milk and rest up better the little guy wakes up again.



mini said...

awww what a cutesy!!!

and i LOL-ed at trammy tran ho

ayopic said...

Next time I'm in the presence of your father, he HAS to sing that song... Love little Chris!! Welcome back to the Westside, Mama! I'll have to come over for lunch soon!!

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