June 30, 2012

it feels like forever

but we're doing well!  bubba is crazy.  he likes to squirm and drool.  and he's either laughing or screaming, there's no in between. He's a very extreme child you know.

i've been back at work for a few weeks now.  i guess i'm readjusted?  i just find it extremely hard to concentrate on anything.  and there seems to be even less time in the day.  we're always rushing to or from work, and between the pumping and the baby it's just exhausting.  i find myself ducking away into the pump room to rest my head for a few minutes especially if the little guy decided to wake up every three hours the night before.

we were in full apartment search mode for the last three weeks and then decided in the end just to stay at the place we're at now.  we are moving to a two bed but it's just across the hall so hopefully the move should be painless.  i found myself driving around town every weekend checking out old apartments that I didn't like and then coming home grumpy that another day was wasted.  so yes, it's done.  yay!  we're staying here :)  i'm happy we're staying but not happy about the rent.  sigh.

oh and my computer is officially dead.  i need a new logic board and apparently they are rather expensive and of course i didn't back up my files so they're stuck on my laptop, trapped until someone rescues them.  i called around and it's like 150 dollars to recover your data so I'm not sure what I'm going to do.  the only real thing I want on that computer is our wedding slideshow.  everything else can go so yes,  the question is: is one slideshow worth 150 dollars???

not much has been going on.  we go to work, come home, feed the baby, hold the baby, bathe the baby, put baby to bed, make dinner, watch tv, go to sleep, wake up at 2 am to feed him, wake up at 6 am to feed him and then go to work.  fascinating.  i guess this is our new norm?  it's exhausting but worth it.  he's just so much fun.

all right, off to pump!  have a good fourth!  i hate how it's smack dab in the middle of the week but i'll happily take it.


ayopic said...

Aww... Love all the MOVEMENT! It's like he's wriggling off my iPad! :) miss you all - will have to visit soon. Maybe on the 4th? Do you need help moving? I volunteer Matt!!

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