July 10, 2012


And so this past weekend, I rescued my photos, videos and most importantly my wedding slideshow.  After lots of research aka googling and youtubing, I found a video of how to transfer your data yourself using a screwdriver and usb cable converter.  My tech savvy friend Mary lent me her tools and I went to work.  After removing all of the tiny little screws on the back of my computer I opened up the case and removed the hard drive.  I was holding it like a remote control only to find out that there is a ton of circuitry underneath and of course I just finished eating a scone and of course I didn't wash my hands so yes hopefully that didn't damage anything too much.

Luckily the operation was successful and now everything is safe on my backup hard drive.  Now I just need to have Apple replace my logicboard ($280!) and we're good to go.  Until then, I'm using Chris' beloved 17 inch MacBook Pro - and every time I pull it out he says to me, "Please don't get breast milk on it."  If only you could see the iPad ... I've been using it every single time I pump ... which is every three hours --- for the past 15 weeks.  Let's just say it's good we got the Invisishield.

All right ... off to bed now.



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