August 13, 2012

my bubba is 5 months old.

This was bubba at 2 weeks ...

And here he is today at 5 months (and 1 week!) ...

I'm not sure how much longer he'll be able to use that swing for.  The base is already swaying and squeaking whenever he's in it.  That poor poor swing.  

Today we went to the park near the beach to give daddy some peace and quiet so he could work on his startup.  Bubba relaxed in his stroller munching on his feet while mommy munched on a cookie.  Then we came home and I took these photos.  He was in such a serious mood.  I couldn't get him to crack a smile at all.  

The same face in every photo I took.  

My parents always say, "Such a serious baby..."  I think he's just particular about who he smiles at that's all.  He doesn't just give them out willy nilly you know -- he's a picky guy.  Like his mommy.

Anyhow, the sleep training is going.  We've given in a few times but for the most part we're holding strong and he's doing well!  We wake him up once at 12:30 to eat and he sleeps for the rest of the night.  The most part at least.   Fingers crossed he keeps this up.  

All right, off to bed.  



ayopic said...

Happy belated 5 months!! Can't believe he'll be SIX months in a week!!

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