September 27, 2012

my husband is a hypochondriac.

so last week chris thought he had a circulation issue with his right leg.  apparently there was a small indentation in his right calf which he swore was there for days.  he spent the next 45 minutes reading about circulation on webmd and googling causes of circulatory system issues.  we then spent the next 15 minutes examining his leg and comparing it to the left - looking at it from different angles with different lighting only to figure out that the culprit was tight dress socks.  i kid you not.


Christopher Gaudet said...

well, this comes from the girl who had to be convinced that she was in labor ... it only took 45 minutes of 'uncontrollably peeing' and 15 minutes of talking to her friends and the doctor for her to realize that maybe she should allow me to take her to the hospital.

ayopic said...

Laugh. Out. Loud. And snort.

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