November 6, 2012

Halloween and stuff.

I found myself a dinosaur last week.  He's cute but man is he a lot of work.

I decided to dress up as a Q-tip this year.  I googled "cheap and easy costumes" and it popped up in the top ten.  It actually wasn't that easy to make.  It took me a good week or so to figure out how in the world to make my head look like a cotton fluff (batting, cotton balls?)  I ended up using the leftover cobwebs from Halloween and hot glue gunned it to a cap.  Everyone kept asking me if I was ice cream?  Seriously people.  Oh and pardon the disaster area that is my living room.

Anyways, since baby can't eat candy or talk yet we just went to Playa Vista to get hot chocolate and walk around a bit.  Chris dressed up as Fred Flinstone (you know to match the whole prehistoric era theme) and the strange thing is, like three people asked him who he was.  Just strange if you ask me.

Anyways, the Gaudet Family's First Halloween: Ice cream woman, cranky dinosaur and a guy wearing an orange felt dress.

Trick or treat everyone.  I hope you ate as much candy as I did.  I'm eating a snickers as we speak.



ayopic said...

Awwww, (Baby) Christopher looks soooo cute!! And he's getting so big!!

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