February 8, 2013

a very special video.

I present to you .....

Christopher eating cantaloupe //

Is it Thursday already?  My job is still killing me.  Slowly.  Piece by piece it's killing me.  Yes I've being dramatic but it kind of is.

This weekend we're headed to my parents for Chinese New Year.  My mom will cook and we will eat. And then we'll put the baby down, crawl onto my parents' couch and watch cable television all night long.  It's going to be quite a treat.

I also plan on returning this water vacuum thing I bought at Costco for two hundred dollars.  It sounded like a great idea /// being able to power wash your carpet every week!  I know right?  Carpet so clean you can eat cantaloupe off of it.  Well it turns out the vacuum is really big and really heavy.  And it leaves your carpet really wet and takes like 12 hours to dry so it's not really that practical but really the truth of it is -- I don't have enough upper body strength to use it.  It's really flippin' heavy.

Ok time to shower, watch an episode of King of the Hill and go to sleep.


ayopic said...

Aiyoh, Ting! I hope you had just steam cleaned the carpet before letting CJ eat that melon off the floor... Tsk tsk ;)

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