February 7, 2013

thoughts on: being lazy // the stinkin' lottery // portland // monkeys and snakes.

why hello there!  i've decided to blog tonight! why you ask?  because i'm tired of wasting away my evenings by checking instagram (and now vine) fifty times a night and then lie (lay?) on the couch thinking about all of the things i need (and want to do) but instead of doing them just lie (again lay or lie?) there until it's time to hop in the shower and go to bed.  liiiiiiiike ... i've been thinking about how i should go to the gym. i literally think about going to the gym probably ten times every night.  like tonight. i thought about it.  and then thought about it some more.  and then got up to eat a red bean mochi cake.

work is still killing me.  it's killing me i tell you.  i've been dealing with my misery by buying a lot of lotto tickets.  if i haven't mentioned this before, a close friend of mine won the lottery.  she literally won one million dollars on a scratcher ticket.  yes, apparently things like this actually happen to people.  she also happens to be an attorney.  and her husband, well he's an attorney too.  yes my friends the attorneys won the lotto.  they took their lottery winnings to buy 3 houses.  on top of the 3 that they already own.  anyways, so i tell my nanny about this lottery winning thing and she goes out and buys a ticket and guess what.  low and behold she wins too.  she wins $20,000 on a $3 scratcher.  twentythousanddollars.  okay so this is what i'm thinking.  one of two things.  one: i will probably never win the lottery because the chances of knowing two people that win the freakin lottery is probably nil to none.  two: i will win the lottery because apparently everyone i know is winning and all i need to do is keep buying tickets?


other things to note.  we took bubba to the snow.  he had no idea what was going on and pretty much was in shock the whole time.  and then he passed out for two and a half hours afterwards.  here's a photo of how excited he was.

the snow, the house, the food, the company were all great.  the husbands watched the babies on saturday night and the girls had a night out to have some dinner, catch up and discuss our next joint trip to portland?  don't ask.  i also watched 7 episodes of girls on hbo.  hilarious.  i think i might have to sign up for netflix just to get the dvd's.  but again that would actually entail me to do something but instead i will probably just think about it for a few weeks until i finally forget about doing it.

this weekend is chinese new year!  year of the ssssssssnake.  according to the email allison just sent me on monkeys and how they fare in the year of the snake, i'm to play it smart in love and work, eat more fish and not invest in any business ventures. pretty sound advice if you ask me.

good night!


ayopic said...

Oh, and don't forget - M won at the slots during our girls' night out... Maybe I should start buying more lotto tickets too. Just saw a commercial for the $5k/wk scratchers...

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