March 27, 2013

Baby = 1 year old.

The weekend before Christopher's birthday we went to Sea World.  Note to self: One year olds do not appreciate the awe-inspiring spectacle that is Shamu.  They also do not appreciate penguins, sea lions, walruses, dolphins or basically anything else at Sea World.  Good times.

March will forever be marked as the month of birthdays at our house.  We celebrated all week long with 5 cakes (2 Chinese fruit cakes, 1 six layer very dense and very rich chocolate cake, 1 very untasty Whole Foods buttermilk frosting cake, and 1 failed attempt at a George Washington cake - not sure how boxed cake can turn out wrong?).  The week was also filled with lots of presents, celebration brunches, celebration dinners and one party at a very colorfully graffiti-decorated indoor playground.  Here are a few photos from the birthday festivities.

 // It was a good week //


ayopic said...

Awwww, he is SUCH a cutie patootie!! Take comfort in the fact that March is almost over, mama!

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